Getting the Most Out of the Teachable Platform

Learn to adapt the teachable free plan. Add coupons - have affiliates!

Teachable is an online course platform used by many all over the world. They offer different plans ranging from FREE upwards. Recently they updated their platform and took away some of the features from the free plan, namely the ability to create coupons for your courses. Now coupons are a great marketing tool especially when launching a new course or doing a marketing drive.

For this reason I have discovered how to incorporate coupons using the teachable FREE plan and with this the ability to customize different parts of the teachable platform and to incorporate affiliate platforms as well.

This course will teach you how to use the teachable FREE plan and incorporate coupons for customers and include affiliate programs.

To get this kind of functionality from within the teachable platform would cost you a minimum of $39.00US a month plus you still pay 5% of every sale to teachable and wait 30 days for payment. Using the methods I show you in this course you save $468.00US a year plus 5% of every sale so the course will pay for itself easily. Not to mention you are not having to pay 10% plus a $1.00 of every course sold on the Free plan. While this enables you to have these functions while using the teachable FREE plan, it is an excellent idea to upgrade to a paid plan when you are earning enough income from your courses and can use the built in functions within teachable.

What This Course Is Not

This course is not a video course. It is mainly text and screen shots because we are dealing mainly with code. You do not need to know how to code but you will need to follow what I show you and copy and paste where you are shown.

This course does not teach you how to market your affiliate program or coupons.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use coupons on the teachable FREE plan (New users on the FREE plan no longer have access to coupons. Existing FREE plan users at the time of this change still have access)
  • Create your own paypal buttons with coupon options (You can make use of this even if you have existing access to coupons within teachable so you have no delay in payments!)
  • Encrypt your payment buttons and protect your sales pages
  • Get paid as soon as a customer buys - no more 30 days of waiting! (Caution: You will be handling any refunds yourself so you need to cover yourself for that)
  • Skip the 10% +$1.00 teachable fees (legally)
  • Give customers the option of purchasing more than one copy of a course at a time (ideal for corporations)
  • Create your own course directory incorporating courses with your own paypal coupons
  • Customize the course enrollment page
  • Use your customized enrollment page as a thank you page for outside affiliate programs

Intended Audience: instructors, teachers

An Ideal Working Environment
Create A Folder
Overview of What We Will Be Doing
Part 1 Paypal Discount Button
Part 2 Paypal Discount Button
Teachable's Free Course Button
Button Code Customisation Completion
Page Creation
Testing Your Customized Enrollment Page
Encrypting the Paypal Button Code
Adding the Encrypted Code to Sales Page
Disabling Right Click
Wrap Up of the Sales Page
Serious Security
Using a Bootstrap Template
Enabling the Customized Directory Page
Added Benefits of this Customization

What's included

  • 17 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Bronwyn Wilson